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2016 ESCAP Population Data Sheet

The Population Data Sheet, published annually by ESCAP, features a range of key indicators on population dynamics- including population size and growth rates, fertility rate, life expectancy and age structure, at country, subregional and regional levels. It is a useful tool for reference by researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders active in the field of population and development.

Ageing in Asia and the Pacific: Overview

The Asia-Pacific region is undergoing profound and rapid population changes. All countries in Asia and the Pacific are in the process of ageing at an unprecedented pace. This overview summarizes the current trends in the process of ageing, through discussions on gender dimensions, accessibility to pensions and legislation on older persons. Key recommendations for policy-makers are also put forward for future reference.

Ageing in Asia and the Pacific: Country Profiles

The timing and pace of ageing vary significantly across the Asia-Pacific region. As a supplement to the Ageing in Asia and the Pacific Overview report, this publication aims to collect and present all viable key indicators with regards to ageing in each country from the region. In addition, policies, programmes and legislative frameworks are identified as well for certain countries according to an ongoing UN survey.