About the Third MIPAA Review

Since its adoption by the General Assembly in 2002, the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) has undergone review and appraisal exercises every 5 years.

The modalities for the third review of MIPAA are contained in ECOSOC resolution 2015/5 adopted by member States in July 2015. The regional commissions have been mandated to play a central role in facilitating the regional and national components of the third review and appraisal exercise of MIPAA. The resolution mandates regional commissions to provide assistance to Member States in organizing their national review and appraisal exercises; organize regional review meetings using an inclusive and coordinated approach in relation to the participation of civil society in the process; promote networking and the sharing of information; and provide an analysis of the main findings and identifying priority areas and policy responses by 2017. The resolution further invites Member States to identify actions they have taken since the second review and appraisal exercise with the aim of presenting this information to the regional commissions during 2017, and invites each Member State to decide for itself the actions or activities it intends to review, utilizing a bottom-up participatory approach. The resolution further requests Member States and United Nations organizations, where appropriate, to provide support to the regional commissions in facilitating the review and appraisal process and in organizing regional meetings to review national review and appraisal results in 2017.

At the regional level, ESCAP resolution 69/14 on the implementation of the 2012 Bangkok Statement on the Asia-Pacific MIPAA review requested the Executive Secretary to strengthen the role of the Commission in supporting members and associate members in implementing MIPAA, increasing the regional knowledge base and public awareness on ageing, supporting members in formulating forward-looking policies to prepare for and adjust to the social and economic implications of ageing, and building capacity to provide comprehensive social protection systems that support populations throughout their life cycle, including older persons.

The UN General Assembly Resolution 70/164 (2016) on ‘Measures to enhance the promotion and protection of the human rights and dignity of older persons’ “recognizes that the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing remains the only international instrument exclusively devoted to older persons, and that “measures towards achieving its objectives should be strengthened so as to improve its positive impact on the promotion and protection of the human rights and dignity of older persons”.


1982 – Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing adopted by World Assembly on Ageing

2002 – Adoption of MIPAA

2007 – First Asia-Pacific review of MIPAA in China: Macao Outcome Document

2008 – First global review of MIPAA at the 45th and 46th CSD sessions

2012 – Second Asia-Pacific review of MIPAA in Thailand: Bangkok Statement

2013 – Second global review of MIPAA at the 49th CSD session

2017 – Third Asia-Pacific review of MIPAA in Bangkok

2018 – Third global review of MIPAA at 52nd CSD session, New York