Three Pillars of the MIPAA Review

Three Pillars of the MIPAA Review

The main objective of the MIPAA review and appraisal process at the regional level is to track progress and identify gaps and emerging issues in the national implementation of MIPAA, as well as to suggest specific recommendations for accelerating progress in MIPAA implementation. The outcome of the regional review is expected to be an agreed regional framework of action to support countries to comprehensively address the remaining challenges in the effective implementation of MIPAA.  The regional framework would be fully aligned with the Agenda for Sustainable Development to 2030 and the SDGs. The outcome of the regional review will also serve as the regional input into the global review in 2018.

The above objective is proposed to be achieved through a three-pronged approach with the following complementary pillars:

(a) Analytical Pillar;

(b) Intergovernmental Pillar;

(c) Partnership Pillar.

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